Is there too much “mum” in your business?

6 min read

The rise of the Mumtrepreneur and how mums in business might be sabotaging their own success. Women are leaving the conventional workforce in droves. After fighting for decades for more equality, the right to keep working after marriage and kids, we’re realising there’s a new glass ceiling to conquer. Being the boss. Running your own business.  What could be more equal than playing…

7 [life-changing] lessons I learnt after quitting my job

6 min read

I stumbled across this article that I originally wrote 2.5 years ago for my short-lived “Sure, Why Not?” blog and as I re-read it, realised that the lessons I learnt then still apply today, 3.5 years into my self-employment journey — so figured, why not share past Kat’s wisdom here too? SEPTEMBER 6th, 2016 It’s the beginning of what is…

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