You’ll be in deep water if you don’t drink enough. Water, that is.

3 min read

We all know that we should drink water. Every day. But how much water do we really need? When is enough, enough? We read of celebrities religiously consuming several litres of H2O each day. Elle Macpherson advises us to drink three litres of water daily.  But have you tried that? How do you fit all that water into your day?…

Is wearing makeup vain (or anti-feminist?)

3 min read

If you’re past your teen years and identify as a woman, there’s a good chance you’ve had at least one moment of questioning whether wearing makeup is superficial, vain or even anti-feminist. The seed that planted in your mind probably led you to 1 of 3 possible results… 1. Choosing not to wear makeup. 2. Wearing makeup but feeling some…

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