Using organising as a mindfulness practice

3 min read

Get organised. Get mindful. Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, Tidying Up, is all the rage right now. Kondo has become known over recent years for her organising process called the Konmari Method, and her quirky instructions to determine what stays and goes when purging objects from your home. The method essentially boils down to picking up every object in your home…

I asked for a Vision Board… but got so much more

5 min read

When I first agreed to go along to Justine Hwang’s (@itjustflows) Portable Calligraphy Vision Board workshop, I was genuinely excited. l’ve always enjoyed the concept of vision boards and love making pretty things. However, within 5 minutes of our introductions, I realised this wasn’t just any old workshop I’d signed up for. I mean, I should have known. Her tagline…

Stop letting Facebook steal your friends

5 min read

Facebook is destroying our friendships. Or, Facebook is kidding us into thinking that to be friends, you simply need to be “Facebook friends” and that the work stops there. Now let me get one thing straight. I’m not preaching from a soapbox. I’m writing this because I’m exhibit A. I joined Facebook at age 20 and very quickly stopped investing…

7 [life-changing] lessons I learnt after quitting my job

6 min read

I stumbled across this article that I originally wrote 2.5 years ago for my short-lived “Sure, Why Not?” blog and as I re-read it, realised that the lessons I learnt then still apply today, 3.5 years into my self-employment journey — so figured, why not share past Kat’s wisdom here too? SEPTEMBER 6th, 2016 It’s the beginning of what is…

Are you making enough space for your goals?

4 min read

Every year you’re probably adding more and more to your plate. You keep setting new challenges for yourself, determined to take over the world. Learning new skills, signing up to more lists, filling every bit of white space on your calendar. Because busy = successful, right? I treat my schedule similar to the way I treat my inbox. Always subscribing…

Is wearing makeup vain (or anti-feminist?)

3 min read

If you’re past your teen years and identify as a woman, there’s a good chance you’ve had at least one moment of questioning whether wearing makeup is superficial, vain or even anti-feminist. The seed that planted in your mind probably led you to 1 of 3 possible results… 1. Choosing not to wear makeup. 2. Wearing makeup but feeling some…

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