Using organising as a mindfulness practice

3 min read

Get organised. Get mindful. Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, Tidying Up, is all the rage right now. Kondo has become known over recent years for her organising process called the Konmari Method, and her quirky instructions to determine what stays and goes when purging objects from your home. The method essentially boils down to picking up every object in your home…

3 books that are putting an end to my procrastination

4 min read

It’s 11:22am and I’ve just spent the last hour on a loop, switching between tabs that included Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, my 3 email accounts and my favourite local fashion retailer. I also tried starting the newest module in Digital Course Academy (the Amy Porterfield course I’m doing to build GAMEFACE) and during the 2.5 minute intro video, continued jumping between…

Are you making enough space for your goals?

4 min read

Every year you’re probably adding more and more to your plate. You keep setting new challenges for yourself, determined to take over the world. Learning new skills, signing up to more lists, filling every bit of white space on your calendar. Because busy = successful, right? I treat my schedule similar to the way I treat my inbox. Always subscribing…

Hi, I'm Kat

I'm the creator of GAMEFACE [plus an actor, singer, copywriter, content creator & ex-makeup artist from Australia but currently based in Vancouver]. I created this site to be a feel-good corner of the interwebs especially for game-changers like you. I hope you like what you find here -- be sure to find me via the links below and say hello! Read more

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