Guest Post Submissions

Have an idea for an article that you think would be perfect for GAMEFACE? Here are the guidelines for guest posts and how to pitch them.


The article must be well-written in a friendly, conversational tone that’s in line with the tone of voice of the GAMEFACE website.

The article must be original and has never been published anywhere else (online or in print).

Quotes, data and outside references must be properly attributed.

The post cannot be republished to any other site including your own (you’re welcome to share the hell out of it, though, and you will be credited for your work when we share it!)

The article must be 300 words minimum (no maximum) and text only. We will provide images unless it’s an interview piece.

Your business cannot be in direct competition with GAMEFACE online makeup courses.


Guest post pitches must be submitted by email only to [email protected] with the subject line: GUEST POST SUBMISSION – [CATEGORY]

The pitch should include at least 1 topic idea with at least 2 article title ideas per topic and a few bullet points outlining your ideas.

The idea must be your own and should be pitched exclusively to GAMEFACE. No bulk submissions!

Please provide at least 1 link (or attachment) to an example of your writing work.

We will respond within 1 week of receiving the submission to let you know if has been accepted or not. If your topic idea is too similar to something we already have published (or in the works) we will let you know so you can tweak it or come up with something else. That said — please get a feel for the site before getting in touch.


Our readers are mostly female, mid-twenties and beyond, and are often self-employed, have a side-hustle and/or are pursuing a creative career. In other words, they’re motivated, insanely busy, trying to do all the things, and want to do them all well!

Topics that go down a treat are:

Beauty, makeup & style

Health, fitness & wellness

Mindfulness, productivity & self-improvement

Book & podcast reviews

Career & creativity

Formats that work well are:

Lists (5 things that will help you do X)

Lessons (the toughest thing I learnt in 2018)

Tutorials (beginner’s guide to meditation)

(But feel free to steal some format ideas from the site!)


Anything offensive, salesy or over promotional of your own company, stolen, inaccurate, poorly written, critical of other people or companies.


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